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Aircraft Lisences & Registration PDF Print E-mail


This is obtained from SACAA. 

Once you have purchased your RAF2000 Gyroplane, we need to register this with CAA to obtain a registration certificate as well as the registration numbers, which will be a ZU -registration number, this number must be displayed on your aircraft at all times.


RAFSA also assist in the registration of your RAF2000 in your or your companies name. 


A proving flight certificate is issued by SACAA once the assembly on your RAF2000 has been completed, this certificate is issued for 25hrs in which a qualified RAF CFI (Flight Instructor) will test fly the aircraft, before any training can commence.

Once this flying hours has been completed, we apply for the Authority to Fly from RAASA


* All NTC aircraft registered with MTOW of less than 600 Kg, and used for private and training purposes

* All NTC aircraft registered with MTOW of less than 1200 Kg and used for private only purposes

Annual Inspection: Application form RA 24.1 must be completed.
Renewal: Application form RA 24.2 must be completed and must be accompanied by the form RA24.1.


We first apply for the Build Number from SACAA.
We then apply for the Registration Certificate, the ZU registration numbers.
We also apply for the Radio Base Station from ICASA.
We also apply for the Aeroclub and SAGPA Membership.
We also apply for your Recreational Pilots License.
When Assembly is completed we apply for the Proving Flight Permit.
We also together with the Proving Flight application apply to COMAV for an Full Insurance and Third Party Insurance Quote.  Third Party Insurance is compulsary.
Once the Proving Flight Hours is compeleted we apply for the Authority to Fly Permit
Once you completed your Solo Hours we apply for your National  Pilots License

NOTE:  SACAA, RAASA &  AEROCLUB require that all application forms is received in original, therefore for each application to any of these governing bodies there will be an RAFSA administration fee and courier/postage fees.  You will be invoiced seperately for each application.

Please note that it is not compulsary for you to do any of these applications through our licencing & registration department, you are more then welcome to deal with the governing bodies yourself. If you then require any assistance from our Licensing & Registration department you will be charged an administration fee per application.

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