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RAF Pilots News & Feedback PDF Print E-mail

23.12.2011 - Philip Hecht

Flying 10 yrs+ approx 600 hrs/2.2 fuel injected  

 23.12.2011 - Roger Fisher

I do still have a RAF 2000. My kit has never been completed,
So it has never flown.  It is about 75% completed and is now for sale as I no longer am qualified for a medical.  If anyone might be interested
In buying the gyro please contact me at any time.
I am so glad the RAF design and business has found a home. I always have considered it the best design available and was surprised at Some of the controversy around the company.
I may be in So. Africa in early 2013 and I may look up your company, just to visit and see what is new.
Thank You
Best of luck with your venture

 23.12.2011 - Paul Schwarz, Michigan

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the entire RAFSA Team!
Thank you for your holiday card and letter.
I have built and am flying kit # 601 (2.2L F.I.).  I love my RAF.  The largest challenge to me has been obtaining competent flight instruction.  Dofin Fritts, after trying two instructors, is the only reason I was able to get the sign off on my rotorcraft rating this year.  He could be a huge asset to your organization in US.
I have been a volunteer pilot for the local Sheriff Department for five years and would like to use my RAF to supplement the one helicopter and fixed wing aircraft in service for search, rescue, and surveillance.
About eight years ago I met Don and Linda LeFleur at the Sun & Fun Airshow in Florida and subsequently Peter Haseloh and Mark Thornton at Oskosh.  I would very much like to meet representatives from RAFSA.  Will any of you be at Sun & Fun or Oshkosh this year?

22.12.2011 - Marion J. Larkin (check out Marion's Gyro's Artwork on

Hello RAF

Enclosed please find pictures of my RAF 2000, N129ml which I built and fly.  Artwork is by Mickey Harris of Tennessee.  I do not get rewarded for promoting Mickey – he is a friend and a very talents air brush artist.  His web page is if you are interested in seeing some of the cool things he does.

Anyway, thank you for contacted me by mail. 

 21.12.2011 - Tom Hall

"Bought kit in 2002, finished in 2004, lessons to solo in 2005, Sport Pilot license in 2006.  Total hours 170.  Many short flights ( 1 hr or less )  many passengers ( 30+ ).  Very careful about weather and continues to be much fun.  Longest flight, 80 miles each way ( need to stretch it a bit ).  In Minnesota, we had the windiest season ever in 2011.  I normally fly 2 - 3 times each week;  I did not average 1 per week !  I hangar at an uncontrolled airport, but do fly into the Rochester International Airport on occasion.  First time, I called the tower and identified myself as N2228TH Gyroplane..........  The tower responded " Gyro What ? ". All the best. Tom "

07.12.2011 - Bill Davoust

Dear Yolande,  I still own and enjoy flying my RAF gyro. I started construction on it 15 years ago this month and had it flying in June 1997 and now have about 600 hours. Happy Holidays, Bill Davoust

07.12.2011 - David North - Hampshire

I’m still flying and enjoying my RAF 2000.

Happy festive season to you all.