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Training is the heart of an industry. The aviation industry has long celebrated the achievements of our aviators. Who doesn't stand to their feet holding their breath as the Blue Angels come into view? The excitement and thrill as man and machine fill our ears with a roar and the blue and yellow blasting off into the horizon. As we look skyward we see the brilliant red and white of the Snowbirds as they fly in close formation overhead. You think you could reach out and touch them and join their ballet in the sky. Our hearts are filled with pride and admiration for our country's best.

These are true aviators. And we think, "Wow, do you see what they can do?" And they do it with very little to no accidents. They became the greatest because they trained and they continued to train. They plan and strategise every single move and don't deviate from the plan. That is how they continue to succeed. This holds true of every professional pilot. These "top-gun" pilots train hundreds of hours.
Every pilot needs to do the training and they must fly to remain proficient.

Gyroplane pilots are no different. They require 25 to 45 hours of dual flight instruction. Pilots need to fly at least one hour a week when they first get their licence. This will assure a level of proficiency needed to fly safely. The PTS lays out all the manoeuvres that are required to be taught to be a gyro pilot.
To be a pilot is a plan to train. RAF has assembled a group of highly qualified CFIs.