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Q I'm over 6 feet tall?
A The size of the cabin is deceiving from the outside appearance. Many of our pilots and instructors are over 6 feet tall and 250 lbs. They are quite comfortable as are their passengers.
Q What reasonable cross country range... ?
A This will vary somewhat on the engine configuration of your particular aircraft but normally you can expect from three to four hours range at 70 to 90 miles per hour.
Q Why doesn't RAF sell completed aircraft... ?
A Under current Federal Regulations owners of experimental aircraft must complete at least 51% of the construction. The builder is considered to be the manufacturer.
Q Why isn't there insurance... ?
A Insurance companies have written insurance policies on the RAF aircraft because of their extraordinary safety record and their exclusive use of Ask First Society flight instructors.
Q What is it that makes the RAF is so safe... ?
A There are several factors here. First of all is the many thousands of hours of engineering that have gone into the design. Personal interest by every one at the factory to assure quality control and RAF's commitment to assuring that each perspective
Q How long will it take to build ?
A This varies with each and every builder. Much of it will both depend on your skill and dedication but a large part will depend on just how detailed and customized you want your particular aircraft. Each pilot is different. Ships have been built in as
Q Can I take off vertically?
A No. Unlike a helicopter, the gyroplane cannot do this
Q What is the glide ratio?
A The glide ratio is 4 to 1. What this means is that with power off the RAF Gyroplane can glide 4,000 feet horizontally for every 1,000 feet it descends.
Q How long of a runway do I need?
A This really depends on a lot of variables, but with the pre-rotor on the RAF Gyroplane can take off (ideal conditions) in as little as 50 feet.
Q What is the craft's life expectancy?
A As long as any metal aircraft if stored under good conditions
Q Can I use the RAF Gyroplane as a glider?
A No. The RAF Gyroplane was not designed to be towed
Q What about RAF 2000 Copied Parts, can I fit this to my RAF?
A Fitting Copied parts not from our factory to your RAF2000 is extreamly dangerous and is not condoned by RAF SA and should not be fitted in any way to any RAF2000 Gyroplane.